Reputation building & recovery

WHAM operates at the point where public relations and marketing strategies intersect. That’s in the long-term building of our client’s reputations.

Reputation is the lifeblood of all successful brands, businesses and organisations. It means going above and beyond the expectations of your customers and the community. It means always striving to do the right thing. It means promoting effective 2-way communication.

WHAM tramping party

There’s no spin, no deceit and no papering over the cracks when you’re in bush. WHAM applies the same principles to its PR practice

WHAM will help you on this journey. To help you achieve your long-term goals. To identify risks and to manage them so they don’t become crises. And when the worst happens, to help manage the maelstrom, so you can quickly recover and rebuild.

Being as candid as possible is invariably a key to building reputations and managing crises. No spin. No deceit. No papering over the cracks. That’s not you and it’s definitely not WHAM.