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WHAM Public Relations is a highly experienced team serving clients throughout New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and many of New Zealand's overseas markets.

Our services include strategy development, advocacy, issue management, market support, media relations, print and e-publications, social media and website management.

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WHAM Media – 385 Jackson Street, Petone, Wellington
Ph: +64 4 970 4589 | Cell: +64 21 381 465 | Email: twalton[at]wham.co.nz

Ethical wake-up call from Hager

The activities of PR people mentioned in Nicky Hager's book 'Dirty Politics' have raised questions about the ethics of PR in general. These activities bear little resemblance to the activities WHAM conducts on behalf of its clients. But there's no denying that, like all... more

Twitter unlocked by Topsy

Topsy is a new tweet analysis service that can be an extremely useful tool for reputation managers. But relying totally on its sentiment algorithmns is unwise ... false negatives abound and as we all know, Americans and algorithmns don't do irony.One of the features of Twitter is its transitory... more

Bad news and how to deliver it

Raising your prices? Cutting services? Not giving out staff bonuses this year? No one wants to deliver unwelcome news — or receive it. But sometimes it’s a necessary evil of doing business, and you’re the unfortunate soul who has to bear the burden.In PR Daily, Christina Miranda... more